About us

Network Connectors has been operating since 2008. The company mandate was and still is to provide network products of the highest quality, for a very good price and offer levels of service way beyond our competitors. Because Network Connectors have stayed true to this mandate, the company has grown consistently year on year and now has many regular high profile customers including the largest ISPs, Government Departments, The Military, Universities & Schools, Mines, Banks and Pharmaceutical Companies.

Network Connectors initially only sold transceivers though we have now expanded our product range to include Fibre Patch Leads, NIC Cards, Twinax / Direct Attach Cables and Multiplexing equipment such as MUX DEMUX units. As technology moves on we have made sure we are aligned with the companies who are at the forefront of technological advances in the realm of Network Connectivity, so we can offer the latest products and developments to our clients. For instance, we now offer 400G & 100Gb QSFPs, 10Gb Copper SFPs and we have been selling proven DWDM & CWDM Multiplexing solutions to our customers for nearly 10 years.

Network Connectors is more than an online store, we offer high levels of pre and post-sales support, we have our own coding facilities and offer fully customised network connectivity products to those that need them.

We know how time is of the essence in this industry and we pride ourselves on sending out over 90% of our orders on the same day.

Moving forward we plan to do more of the same as we have been doing over the last decade, offering a great product at a great price and keeping our large and expanding customer base happy with exemplary levels of service.